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Can a Ceramic Coating Spray Fix Scratches On Car Paint?

Can a Ceramic Coating Spray Fix Scratches On Car Paint?

You went inside of a grocery store and came out with a scratch caused by a grocery cart, or you’ve noticed some scratches caused by branches or maybe even something minor like some swirling or micro-scratches from washing your vehicle and now you’re wondering how to fix it and specifically if a ceramic coating spray or a graphene coating spray will fix it? Well….possibly yes but then again, not really. Let me explain.


Scratches can be either very minor imperfections caused by damage to the clear coat or something as serious as being all the way through the clear coat and potentially even removing paint. As to whether a ceramic spray coating can fix it, well that can be a hard question to answer. If it’s some very minor swirling or very, very minor scratches. So minor to the point you can’t even really feel the scratch? A sprayable ceramic or graphene coating along with the buffing could fill in the scratches or swirls. However, once the coating eventually does wear down and disappear, the scratch will still be there, so is it really fixed? The other problem is that ceramic-based coatings are enhancers…they enhance and brighten the look of anything they end up coating. So, if the scratch(s) are too deep, you may end up just making the scratch even more noticeable and then be protecting that scratch with a coating you’ll then later have to remove so you can actually fix the scratch.


In order to fix the scratch, you’ll need to get some kind of polishing compound which has abrasives. The abrasives in the polishing compound more or less grind away clear coat and will allow you to relevel the clear coat, therefor removing the visible scratches or swirls. The problem with this is a vehicle can only be polished and paint corrected so many times before you have no more clear coat and this is something you’ll have to learn to do so you don’t further damage the clear coat and paint.


So why not take the steps to prevent scratches from happening in the first place and invest in some type of paint protection? You could invest in PPF (paint protection film) which is honestly spectacular, well everything about it except for how expensive it is to have applied. It can cost anywhere from $2500 to $7000 depending on the size of your vehicle, what vehicle it is and how many panels you want covered.


The much more affordable options are applying a car wax, ceramic coating or graphene coating. It can take a small bit of work on your end, but you’ll be saving a massive amount of money by coating your vehicle with one of these types of products. You can realistically apply a wax by hand in 30-45 minutes or less after you’ve washed your car and it can last anywhere from 2-3 months depending on the climate and how well you maintain your vehicle and the wax. There are ceramic waxes which are infused with ceramic and once even the wax itself disappears there will be a leftover barrier created by the ceramic that was infused into the wax which will continue to protect the surface of your vehicle. These ceramic infused waxes usually last and protect your vehicle’s paint from 6-12 months.


If working with wax seems too much of a hassle you could then try a graphene or ceramic coating spray which on average will protect your vehicle paint for 3-6 months if it is a quality spray coating with a high concentration of Si02. These can take anywhere from 10-15 minutes to apply to your vehicle after you’ve washed it. A bottle of this stuff ranges anywhere in the price range of $25-40 dollars, at least for something that’s quality. There are numerous sprayable “ceramic coatings” available for less than that but honestly they just put the absolute bare minimum of Si02 (chemical name for ceramic) inside of their products just so they can try and claim that it’s a ceramic coating but the coating itself will maybe only last 3 weeks.


Seeing a new scratch on your car is painful. As long as you take the steps necessary and use some products to help make the process easier, you can ensure you will no longer will have to worry about anymore scratches!


Thanks for reading and we hope you found this information helpful. Detail Medic is a small family run car detailing product manufacturer that specializes in small batch run premium auto detailing products. We would appreciate you giving us the opportunity to showing you how effective our products are and ask that you support our small family run business. Remember our moto, Do The Job Right The First Time!

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