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Can Ceramic Coated Cars Use Any Soap?

Ceramic coatings are not bulletproof. They form an invisible shield of protection by hardening on the paint or finish in which they are applied. While this coating is strong and durable, there can still be issues when using certain products to wash your car - leaving you vulnerable once again!

If you want to keep your car's ceramic coating looking new, make sure it is washed with an automotive-specific shampoo that does not contain wax and produces ultra-suds. Most detergents (like dish soap) have a high pH level of 9 or greater. If cost is no concern to you, then we recommend using a ceramic car wash soap to help maintain and repair those SI02 coating properties

Ceramic coatings are often used on cars to seal your paint and to preserve the look and finish while making your vehicle resistant to water, UV damage and scratches. The wax in certain car shampoo will reduce the hydrophobic effects and degrade the coating and it's benefits with each use.

While the wax in some car soap does a good job of providing lubrication and keeping things from drying out, it also leaves an oily layer on surfaces. This can be problematic for those who have cars with ceramic coatings because they will notice less hydrophobic effects after using the product multiple times. A light wax coating also attracts dirt particles - making road grime stick more easily and defeating the overall purpose of applying SI02 coatings.

So, if you’re going to wash your ceramic coated vehicle yourself, make sure to use a high-quality, car shampoo such as our Elite Pro Series High Foaming Car Shampoo or to provide proper maintenance and add an additional layer of Graphene and ceramic to your vehicle. We recommend using our Elite Pro Series Graphene Ceramic Car Wash Soap that offers a 1-year protection.

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