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Detail Medic Ceramic Waterless Car Wash Bottle


Waterless car washes are so easy to use. Most do a great job at cleaning the exterior of your car. Yet without proper use they can cause damage to your paint surface. Here are some of the things good and bad you should consider when detailing your car with a waterless car wash.




When you use a waterless car wash, it is important to keep in mind that this will not damage your paint as long as we do the job safely and paying attention to the tools you are using. Safely using a waterless wash includes careful judgment of how dirty the vehicle is and using several microfiber towels during the cleaning process with lite pressure or scrubbing motion-- these waterless cleaners should only be used for touch-ups on highly clean cars or vehicles that have a lite coating of dirt or grime so there's no risk damaging your car paint!


One thing you can do to help eliminate the possibility of damaging the paint is to do a pre-rinse of your vehicle. By doing this you will help wash away any of the heavy dirt caked on to your vehicle and thereby preventing swirl marks or fine scratches. Another mistake most DIY detailers make when using these type products, is not using enough microfiber towels.


Even with a good number of benefits to waterless car washes, it's no wonder that many people prefer this method. The downside is they take longer time than traditional car washings and might not be suitable for everyone who wants their vehicle cleaned quickly or easily without having to spend extra time wiping down the whole vehicle by hand themselves!





No more water spots or stains. The presence of water spots on your car after washing it with regular tap water is something that cannot be ignored. You might try to clean and pat dry the vehicle as much you can, but there will always remain some residue left behind from where dirt has gotten into cracks or crevices or the minerals in your water bond to and stain your car paint. Using a waterless cleaner will save you those headaches.


You can use either outdoors or even in your garage. These cleaners provide you the ability to clean and detail your car quickly and easily whether indoors or outdoors. You will be left with a long-lasting shine and add a layer of paint protection. With the waterless wash and wax products, you can protect your car from harmful UV rays and contaminates from sticking while delivering a long-lasting shine that lasts for months. Unlike traditional washes where the shine goes away after only few days. A good ceramic waterless cleaner will help prevent dirt, grime, bugs and other contaminates from sticking to your paint and exterior finishes.


Lastly these type washes are Eco Friendly. If you live in a state that has water restrictions. A waterless wash will allow you to keep your car detailed and looking clean all the time without having to use water. By having one of these type quick detailers in your car detailing kit. You will always be able to do quick touchups and full washes all year long.


One final note. Be sure you use high grade and quality microfiber towel, at least 800 gsm or higher. These towels will help prevent you from scratching your paint surface. When using a waterless car wash you may want to use multiple towels. These microfibers will collect the dirt from your car and if not careful will become abrasive and scratch your paint. We hope you found this information from Detail Medic helpful and thank you for reading. Please feel free to comment on this post.


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