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A lot of people don’t know which one is more absorbent or which of the two is better for your car’s surfaces and today we’re gonna tell you everything you’ll need to know so you can choose the right option for you!


What are chamois cloths? Chamois cloths are made from the hide or leather of an animal, Typically a sheep or goat. They do a good job when it comes to drying your vehicle and if used properly won’t leave behind any streaks. They can be pretty soft however they are harder and not as gentle on your paint as compared to a microfiber so you have to be careful when using them and to be sure the vehicle is clear of any dirt or debris as the smallest little thing can cause scratches on your vehicle’s finish.


What are microfibers? Microfibers or more directly microfiber towels are a much softer material made up of a blend of polyester and nylon. Usually they’re labeled with what blend of the materials they’re made with. For example they’re generally labeled as being 80/20, 75/25 and 70/30. There are other mixtures out there but these are the primary ones you’ll see. The mixture that’s widely regarded as being the best for auto detailing is 70/30 because it is the softest and safest to use on your vehicle’s paint and surfaces. 


Microfibers are also measured by their GSM. To put it simply: The higher the GSM of a microfiber towel the higher density it has, The higher density it has the more absorbent it is!


The Pros and Cons of Chamois


Pros –

-Chamois don’t leave any streaks behind and will guarantee you a glossy shine.

-Because they’re made of leather they are more durable and will likely last longer than even the highest quality of microfibers.

-They’re great for quickly drying surfaces and you’ll probably only need one for your entire vehicle.


Cons –

-They’re more expensive than most microfibers so they aren’t always the friendliest to your wallet.

-When they dry they will become hard and they’re only soften back up once they absorb some moisture so it can be a major problem if you’re trying to dry your vehicle.

-Because they harden up when they dry you have to actually wet them before you dry your vehicle so you’re not at risk of scratching the surface.

-If dropped what happens is a lot of the dirt and debris will imbed themselves into the fabric and it can cause major scratches to your paint.


The Pros and Cons of Microfiber Towels


Pros –

-They’re much softer and because of this there’s less risk of scratching your paint when using them.

-Your higher GSM microfibers are very dense and therefor very absorbent so they will pick up water and dry very well.

-They’re much cheaper than chamois.

-Much easier to reuse and clean than chamois because you can just throw them in the wash without the worry of damaging them.


Cons –

-Microfibers are very absorbent but once they get wet or damp they can leave streaks of water behind.

-Depending on the size and GSM of the microfibers you’re using you may need multiple of them to dry your vehicle.

-They’re great because it is easy to wash them however they do need to be washed often, Preferably after every use so you can prevent scratching your vehicle from any debris imbedded in them.


So what’s your pick? Chamois or Microfibers? Everyone has reasons they like both but we here at Detail Medic prefer microfiber towels because they’re more versatile and can be used for multiple things as compared to chamois whether it be for drying, applying wax or using any spray washes or ceramic coatings. Microfibers are also just much gentler on the paint and surfaces of your vehicles. You may end up needing more of them to dry as compared to a chamois but it’ll cost you way more when you end up needing paint correction because your scratches your paint with the chamois!


Again, thank you for reading. Detail Medic has all your car detailing products you need to make your vehicle clean and shiny. We are a small family run car care product manufacturer. Please support our company.


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