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Going offroad in my Jeep is one of the most enjoyable things I can do, but damn it use to take a while to do the cleanup afterwards until I learned this nice little auto detailing trick. Admit it, there is nothing better than riding through the sand, mud and water until it comes time to clean that offroad beast.


Mud, dirt and grime splashing up on the panels, drying and sticking to the paint. If you are a Jeeper, you know what I am talking about. By the time you get home if you are like me. You are just dead tired and really want to do nothing but go inside and kick your feet up and relax.


Yet being Jeepers we know that is not possible because it is going to take us a few hours to get this beast clean and shiny for the next adventure. Leaving all this mud, dirt and grime on our vehicles overnight will just make it that much more difficult to detail and clean the next day. So, what’s a guy or gal to do.


This one little detailing tip can save you hours of cleaning time. First take a full day and do a complete detail of your Jeep. Even do a full paint correction and make sure your Jeep paint is as smooth as a babies bottom. Trust me it will be more than worth it considering the time that it is going to save you over the next year detailing your Jeep after going off-roading.


Once you have done the full detail. Now it is time to add the secret sauce. After the complete paint decontamination, use a graphene car wash soap. By doing the decontamination it will allow the graphene in the car soap to bond to your paint. This will help prevent things like dirt, mud and grime from sticking to your paint surface and easier to remove.


I would also personally recommend using a graphene coating spray to place another layer of protection on your paint and other exterior finishes. This extra coating layer of graphene will help make it even easier to just rinse off your vehicle after that off-road trip to remove all that gunk without having to spend hours scrubbing.

Thank you for reading and please support Detail Medic a small family run car care company for all your car detailing needs.


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