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Waxing your vehicle can be a great way of bringing out the boldness and shine of your paint as well as help offer a little bit of protection like UV protection, it can help prevent minor scratching on your paint and can keep dirt from imbedding itself in your paint’s clearcoat. But there are so many different types of waxes and ways to apply some of these waxes that we’re sure some of you probably have no idea the differences and what are the benefits and disadvantages are of these really are. So, we’re gonna break it down for you!


Spray Waxes are made with emulsified wax are very easy to apply and don’t require much if any of the tedious buffing work to apply. They don’t take too long to apply and offer an amazing end result with a very glossy, deep and shiny finish. However, they have the worst longevity only lasting maybe 1-2 months if you’re lucky. On the lower end if you leave your car outside where it gets hit with sunlight, caked with pollen and rained on.


Now you have your paste waxes which are the oldest form of wax people and detailers use. It’s somewhat tricky to apply but also very easy once you have experience with it. It also offers a great gloss and shine like a spray wax does but it lasts just a little bit longer. Not having to apply it as frequently as you would with a spray wax but it takes much longer to apply and you may get three to six months out of it. Again, usually being on the lower end if you leave your vehicle out where it can get covered with pollen, dirt, get rained on, etc.


Don’t have time to wash and wax your car? You can always buy a wash & wax hybrid car soap. Just add the soap to your bucket or foam cannon and wash your vehicle how you normally would. They offer a nice shine and are very convenient but most only last as long as your average spray wax. Because it’s an emulsified wax that’s also combined with a soap you can guarantee you get an even coating of wax across your whole vehicle and you won’t be working the product into the paint as much so it won’t allow the wax to bond as well there for reducing the longevity. As with most of your hybrid products you can get the effects of both a wash and wax but it won’t wash or wax your vehicle as well as if you were to do them both separately with their own dedicated products!


Now the overall best in our opinions is a liquid wax. Liquid waxes give the best overall shine along with a very soft and sleek touch to the surface. It can be a little hard to work with because it dries quickly so it’s best to start off by doing small sections but once you get some experience with it and become comfortable using it then it rewards you with the best shine and protection. A liquid wax has similar longevity to a paste wax but in some instances they can even last longer! Lasting anywhere in the four to eight month range.


The best overall type of wax you want in these products is carnauba as it’s regarded as the longest lasting and most durable form of wax. Another thing you can look out for is wax products that are also infused with ceramic or graphene coating. When a wax is infused with SI02 (ceramic) or graphene they end up having better protection against the elements as well as having a better longevity because the ceramic or graphene in the coatings ends up bonding with the paint and clear coat of your vehicle so there’s protection even after the wax itself fades away. If that’s something they may interest you, we specifically have a Ceramic & Graphene Infused Liquid Wax that can offer up to 12 months of protection!


Choosing the right car waxes can not only save you time, money and provide your vehicle with the right paint protection. So choose wisely and reach out to us if you have any questions. Detail Medic has all your car detailing solutions. Thank you for reading and please support our small family run business!

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