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Does ceramic coating wear off? Ceramic coating is an incredible technology that forms a thin, strong bond on top of your wheels finish. These SI02 coatings will last much longer than wax or other products do because it doesn't peel away like these other sealants or waxes do when they fail- Ceramics just wear down over time until there’s no sign of the protective benefits like water beading or contaminates like brake dust or other particles being repelled or washing away easy.


So, how long do ceramic coatings on wheels last? Not to burst your bubble, but how long these coatings last depend on several factors. First anyone that tells you their product will last x amount of time is misleading and nothing more than a sales pitch.


If you keep your car in the garage and never drive it. This type coating will last years on your wheels. However, most of us don’t just put our cars in to a garage and leave it there. Just like everything else related to car detailing, there is routine maintenance involved.


Every car soap, car wax or auto detailing product you put on your car degrades a ceramic coating to a degree, some more than others. Depending on the state you live in and the environmental factors in that state can affect the durability and longevity of a ceramic coating on your wheels. Is your car kept outside in the elements? This also plays a roll in how long a ceramic coating last. With these examples I believe you get the point.


So, what is a realistic expectation of how long does ceramic coating last on wheels. Generally, when detailing your car. If you use a spray on ceramic coating from a maintenance perspective to add extra layers of SI02 to the original nano coating. Your coating should last 3 to 5 years at most when calculating other elemental, driving and storage conditions.


There is no miracle answer for this question. However, one thing that is certain. Using SI02 coatings whether on your car wheels, paint or finishes will help provide a layer of protection that old out of date car waxes and other wheel sealants can not provide. They are stronger and last longer than traditional methods of the past.


On a side note. Ceramic coatings are not the latest and greatest technology available right now in coatings. If you want longer lasting and stronger solutions, look at graphene coating. It is a lot more durable and longer lasting than ceramic. Don’t forget Detail Medic for all your car detailing solutions. Thanks For Reading!

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