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You’re here because you are unsure of what the average car detailing prices are and with the cost of everything else going up nowadays it’s only a matter of time for detailers prices also likely go up. We’ll get into the averages prices a detailer may charge you.


Prices vary greatly out there and with that it’s hard to know if you’re really getting ripped off or not. After this you may decide that you’d rather just DIY it and learn all the detailing ways and honestly, you’ll be likely to save some money in the long run if you decide you rather do it yourself.


So the few things that causes the most variable in the price of a car detailing service is the area you’re in, the size of the vehicle and the services done. The bigger the vehicle the more it’ll likely cost, the more services you have done like waxing, polishing and so on can end up costing more.


The starting baseline average for a full-service car wash including interior and exterior will likely be in the range of $70-150 at the most absolute base. If you have a full-size SUV or pickup truck you may be looking at more of a $100-200 range. These prices could also depend on whether you took your vehicle to a detailing shop or if you had a mobile detailer come to your home. Obviously, you’ll pay a bit more for the convenience of them coming straight to your home. Now if you’re wanting a full-blown detail including decontamination of your paint, waxing your vehicle and so on you can actually start to get to the $250-300+ range.


Now once you get into fixing damaged paint, paint correction and so on it’ll start to cost several hundred dollars more which just isn’t possible for some people and keeping your car detailed and looking good will ultimately help maintain the value of your car or truck. So, what is the cheaper way? Well learn this stuff yourself!


General detailing isn’t hard to learn and most of it can be done yourself either in your driveway or in your garage. All you need to do is get the supplies and read blogs like this one or head over to YouTube which is filled with just about any information you could possibly need!


Becoming a DIY’er not only will save you a lot of money but it can honestly be a lot of fun as long as you have some free time. All you’ll need to really get yourself started is a pressure washer and foam cannon which you could get a nice electrical pressure washer for $100-150 and a really good foam cannon for maybe $30-40. Add another $100-150 tops for all the buckets, product and other accessories like towels you may need, and you suddenly have your own little starter DIY detailing kit. You’ll own it all so no more $100-300 every single time your car needs washed or detailed and you can continue to add to your detailing supplies over time with new soaps, waxes, sealants, microfibers and so on.


With prices of just about everything going up nowadays and something as important as maintaining the quality of your car or truck’s interior and exterior, it may be worth it now more than ever to start getting your own DIY detailing supply together before the prices of them and eventually even detailer’s prices go up!


Detail Medic has everything you need for your detailing tool kit that will save you money vs hiring a professional detailer. Thank you for reading and please support our small family run business.

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