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How Often Should You Wax Your Car?

How Often Should You Wax Your Car?

For many people washing and detailing their vehicle is a hassle and not very enjoyable which is why so many people take their vehicle to an automated car wash, sadly these people just don’t know how much damage they’re doing to their clearcoat and paint when they do this.


Something everybody should do is invest is invest in some type of paint protection or sealant. One of the types of sealants you can use is a car wax and waxing can be a lengthy process, relatively easy just time consuming. So, it begs the question, how often should you wax your vehicle?


Well, the very quick and cookie cutter answer would be every 3-4 months. However, there’s a lot of variables Things like how much you drive your vehicle, where it’s stored, your local climate and even just how often you wash your vehicle.


For example. Let’s say you just waxed your vehicle but go on a couple road trips? Well on those road trips the debris and contamination you picked up while on the road will have an effect on your wax and diminish it. If say you park your vehicle in your garage or even in a parking garage where you live and not out in the open elements like the heat and rain, then it’ll end up lasting longer because the vehicle and the wax on the vehicle isn’t exposed to the elements which over time will gradually breakdown and diminish the car wax and the protective effects it has.


Proper washing and maintenance will also help increase the longevity of a wax you have applied. Things like using the two-bucket method when washing, using a pH neutral soap that’s safe for waxes and coatings, also being sure you wash at least once every 2 weeks to wash away any contaminants that sit on top of the wax which will break it down.


So really you should be able to get 3-4 months out of a car wax however that can vary. If you drive a lot and really beat your vehicle than it may only last 2 months. If it’s a vehicle you take amazing care of, or if it’s stored most of the time you can get 5-6+ months out of a wax. If that’s not long enough for you or you would prefer some advanced protection you could look into getting an applying a ceramic wax!


Here at Detail Medic, we have manufactured a graphene wax which is a liquid wax that has been combined with ceramic and graphene! The thing that makes this wax so special is that the graphene and ceramic that are formulated into this wax will bond to the clearcoat and paint of your vehicle, creating a lasting barrier of protection so even once the wax itself wears off there will be a bonded layer of graphene which will reside and gives this wax up to 12 months of paint protection.

Graphene itself is up to 50x stronger than traditional wax so even after the top level of wax dissipates you know you will have a stronger and longer lasting coating to protect your vehicle’s paint!


Thank you for reading and we truly appreciate your support of our small family run business. At Detail Medic we value your opinion and we are grateful for each and every customer that uses our products for your car detailing supplies.

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