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Your rims and tires can be some of the most tedious and hard things to clean but when they’re clean they can completely change the look of your vehicle. Today we’re gonna talk about all of the tools and products you’ll need that will not only make your time easier but also make your wheels look the absolute best.


Now it really depends on how dirty your wheels are. If you keep up with them and it hasn’t been too long then something like a waterless wash with a microfiber towel can be quick and easy and will do the job perfectly. However, if you’ve let them go for a bit then you’ll need a few more supplies and it’ll take a little bit of extra work.


For starters you will need a few different types of brushes and products. These will usually consist of a tire brush, a wheel barrel brush and a small detailing brush. Preferably a detailing brush that is made with hog hair so you reduce the chances of scratching your rims. As for products we’d recommend an iron remover, a degreaser and preferably a high foaming or very lubricative pH neutral soap.


You’ll want to start by filling a bucket up with some water and using the soap of your choice. Because of the products and chemicals you’ll be working with you’ll have to be fairly quick with what you do so for this reason we recommend doing 1 wheel at a time.


Next you’ll want to spray down your rims and tires, It doesn’t have to be with a pressure washer but it’ll be easier and more efficient with one. This will help remove some lose dirt and contaminants that are on your wheels but the main purpose of doing this is to actually make your wheels cool to the touch to ensure nothing dries on them and potentially damages or stains your rims and tires.


Now you’ll want to coat your wheels, rotors, calipers and all with the iron remover and you’ll proceed to let it sit for a few minutes. As it sits on your wheels it will start to react with and eat away at any brake dust, iron or metal particles which will be indicated as the color of the iron remover solution will change somewhat to a purple. After that you’ll be wanting to spray on and coat your tires with a degreaser. This will help to remove the oil that build up on your tires as you drive them on the roads. You can just let the degreaser sit and we’ll come back to it later.


Now you can either coat your wheels with the pH neutral soap of your choice either with a foam cannon or you can take your wheel barrel brush and dip it around in the bucket with your soapy water. Take your brush and start scrubbing away the inner barrels from top to bottom and agitating the surface of where you sprayed the iron remover, breaking up all the brake dust and dirt stuck on the inner barrel of your rim.


After you’ve done this, you can take your smaller detailing brush and start scrubbing away at the more intricate areas of your rim. The face and spokes, lug nuts, emblems and so on. After you’ve done this, you’ll want to take that tire brush we told you to get and start scrubbing away at the tire which you coated in degreaser earlier which had time to sit and break down the oils that are on your tires.


Once you’ve done all these steps, you’re finally ready to rinse off your tire and rim. Be sure you do a thorough job as you do not want these chemicals to continue to sit on your tires and rims as potentially damage them. You should be left with a spotless and very bright shine! We know this has been a lengthy and tedious process but honestly, it’s all worth it. Your wheels can make or break the look of your vehicle and when they’re clean they can really become a major highlight!


We all at Detail Medic hope you find our blog post useful and informing. We appreciate you taking the time to read our blog and supporting our small family run car detailing manufacturing business. Remember, Do The Job Right The First Time with Detail Medic!

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