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Tools To Help Maintaining Durability Of A Ceramic Coating

How To Maintain The Durability Of A Ceramic Coating

Nothing is more irritating than spending good money on a ceramic coating and watching the durability or hydrophobic properties fade in a short amount of time. Some of this is due to human error when applying or not prepping your car paint prior to application.

Prepping your vehicle for detailing before coating with a ceramic or graphene coating is just as important as the coating itself. First if you have a wax coating on your ride, be sure to strip it. Next make sure you decontaminate your paint by using a clay bar and an iron particle remover.

Once you have prepped your car for application of the nano coating of your choice. Then you are setting up the paint surface to absorb the SI02 liquid or spray into the pores of the surface. Never take shortcuts before applying that ceramic car coating. The only thing you will be doing if you do is wasting money and guaranteeing that the liquid or spray will not lasting effects as it is intended to.

Once your ride has that silky smooth showroom shine and paint protection. There are a few tricks to help maintain the durability and lasting longevity of your coating. On your next car detail follow these suggestions to help maintain the durability of your coating.

Whether you use a liquid coating or a spray coating. Always make sure you wash your car with a pH neutral high foaming car wash soap. These type soaps will not harm your paint’s surface or strip the hydrophobic effects and beneficial properties of the SI02.

Always have on hand in your detailing kit either a graphene or ceramic coating spray. Graphene is by far the better choice as it is more durable and creates a harder finish for water beading and paint protection. Use one of these sprays every 4 washes to help maintain that protective paint coating. This process will also add extra layers to your coating creating a greater bond and durability.

Lastly one last car detailing tip. About every 3 months use an Iron Remover. Just spray on, let it sit and then wash it off. Iron removers help remove debris from the surface that degrade and reduce the longevity of your coating and also help to revitalize the SI02 properties of your nano liquid or spray coating.

Follow these steps and you will ensure that any nano coating you chose to use will maintain its properties, durability and longevity.

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