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How To Polish Your Car Like A Pro

How To Polish Your Car Like A Pro

Your car is a classic, but it needs a bit of love and elbow grease to shine again. Get rid of those scratches, get rid of the water spots, and get rid of the swirl marks. There are many different ways to go about this. 

We’re going to go over some of the best polishing techniques and show you how to apply them. We’re going to be going over the different methods, so we can show you how to get that perfect shine.

Paint Correction

You need to start with a clean surface. Get rid of any contaminates, or any other surface imperfections. Make sure that your paint is as smooth as possible. Then, we’re going to go over some of the best ways to apply paint correction.

First start by rinsing your car. Next coat your car and wheels with an acid-free iron remover.

Let it sit for at least 2 minutes and use a wash mitt to agitate the solution over your paintwork. Then, rinse your ride and prep the car for clay barring.

The best way to get a perfect shine is to use a clay bar. Make sure you use a good clay bar lubricant to help the bar slide easily and to prevent friction against the paint. After you have removed any surface imperfections and contaminates.

Then prep your car for a good old fashion car washing using a pH neutral car soap.

You don’t want to use a detergent that will alter the pH of the paint. If you want to use a car wash, make sure to use a good quality high foaming car wash that is pH neutral. After using a high foaming car shampoo. We recommend next to apply a graphene and ceramic soap. This will add a layer of paint protection that will help guard your paint from UV rays, water spots and other contaminates that will harm the finish.

Next, we’re going to apply a car polish. Make sure to use either a Graphene Liquid car wax or a Graphene Ceramic Coating Spray polish.

The best way to get a nice shine is to spray your car with the Graphene Ceramic Coating Spray polish. Be sure that you used a high quality plush microfiber car towel, at least an 800 gsm. This type coating will create a protective film that will prevent water spots and other contaminates from damaging your car paint. This will protect your paintwork from fading and stains caused by bird poop, acid rain, bug guts and other environmental damages. Both types of these products go on silky smooth and leave a high gloss showroom shine that will turn heads. Happy Detailing!

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