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The preparation before you apply a ceramic coating is extremely important but even after the coating is applied the maintenance is just as important so you can squeeze the maximum longevity and performance out of the ceramic coating as you can so what are the necessary steps for taking care of your ceramic coated vehicle and keeping it effective and hydrophobic?


 #1 Washing Your Vehicle Every 2 Weeks


This is the bare minimum you can do to keep your ceramic coating in tip-top shape. Over time if contaminants continue to sit on the coatings surface it can lead to damage of the coating and severely reduce the longevity of the coating. Things primarily like pollen and bird poop, However it’s best to keep the vehicle rid of these contaminants as best as you possibly can which shouldn’t be too hard. Ceramic coatings to make the cleanup and washing process much easier.



#2 Using an Iron Remover As Needed


Even though ceramic coatings are there to protect your car or truck’s paint and surfaces from thing like iron deposits, brake dust, etc. You still may want to consider using an iron remover/fallout spray regularly. If your ceramic coating’s hydrophobic properties are suffering an iron remover may be exactly what you’re needing which will instantly revitalize your coating. How often an iron remover needs to be used can vary greatly depending on where you live. Whether you’re near a railroad, maybe you travel on dirt/gravel roads a lot or work on a construction site? If any of these examples apply to you than you’ll need to use an iron remover more often than others would. An Iron Remover or Fallout Spray is essential to getting rid of any metal particles that may be sitting on top of your coating.


 #3 Using Ceramic Friendly Soaps


Many car soaps out there have very strong and even potentially damaging chemicals in them that can diminish the quality and longevity of your ceramic coating. Always be sure you’re always washing with a pH neutral car shampoo or maybe even look into getting a ceramic car shampoo. Just by simply washing your ceramic coated vehicle with a ceramic soap you’re adding another thin layer of ceramic coating over your original coating which will just provide better overall longevity and protection of your original coating. Since ceramic and graphene coatings can bond and stack over top of each other this can be one of the easiest ways of maintaining your existing coating!


 #4 Applying Wax Over Top Of Your Coating


This in a way can almost defeat the purpose of your ceramic coating. It will also protect your existing coating and increase it’s longevity, however if you love the hydrophobic effects of your ceramic coating there’s a good chance the wax won’t perform as well in that department but there are some exceptions like a ceramic or graphene infused car wax which even after the wax itself dissipates and disappears, will leave behind a thin layer of ceramic or graphene which in this case will bond to your already existing coating which may will help improve longevity.


 #5 Using A Ceramic Coating Spray


This is kind of a continuation of #3 with the ceramic car soap, except instead of using it you could invest in and apply a sprayable ceramic coating. They take all of 15 minutes to apply to your entire vehicle and can drastically increase the longevity of your original ceramic coating. Spray coating longevities can range anywhere from 3-6+ months but they’re an easy and pretty cheap way of maintaining your already existing coating that cost you hundreds of dollars.


If you take in any of the steps above and start to apply these to ceramic coated automobile, you’ll improve the longevity and performance of your coating greatly. You decide to use everything listed in this blog post then you’ll have a protective and hydrophobic coating on your car even up until you decide it’s time to trade it in and buy something new!


Detail Medic is a small family run manufacturer that produces small batch car care products to ensure each bottle meets the highest standards we have set for our car detailing solutions. Thank you for reading and please support our family run business.

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