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Graphene coatings are actually very useful and graphene itself is safe for interior use of your car or truck. When graphene is applied to and bonds to a surface it stays relatively flexible meaning it can be applied to numerous surfaces on the interior of your vehicle unlike ceramic which actually crystalizes once it cures which can cause create bonding and longevity issues when applied to the interior surfaces of your vehicle which is then just a waste of money. We’re gonna go over what interior surfaces a graphene coating can be applied to.


We should put a disclaimer that just because a product has graphene in it doesn’t mean it’s 100% safe for interior use depending on the other substances and chemicals it’s mixed with which could potentially damage the leather, suede, trim or plastics that are inside your vehicle or let’s say a graphene coating that’s mixed with ceramic. You won’t want to apply it to your seats because ceramic crystalizes and won’t bond to your seats well so it would be a complete waste. We also recommend you reach out to whoever you bought your graphene product(s) from and make sure the product is safe for interior use and what interior surfaces it can be applied to. Just because it can be applied to trim doesn’t mean it’s safe to use on leather or cloth.


There are hybrid detailing products like multi-surface interior cleaners, leather cleaners or trim cleaners that are infused with ceramic and these are the products you have to be careful with what you apply them to because they could contain chemicals that damage another surface in your car or truck. If you’re working with a pure 100% graphene coating it should be safe for use on any and all surfaces. Whether you’re wanting to protect your leather seats and trim from UV rays and fading or if you’re wanting to help protect against spills it will work on everything including leather, cloth, suede, windows and all levels of trim from plastic to carbon fiber.


Graphene also has anti-static properties so it actually repels dust and prevents it from settling on the surface that’s coated with graphene and makes dusting the inside of your vehicle much easier. The same effects also apply to something like dog/cat hair so it can make cleaning it up much simpler and less time consuming.


If you’re working with a graphene coating for cars product that’s combined with a ceramic coating they will only be able to be usefully applied to your trim inside your vehicle like your plastics or carbon fiber as they would be the only surfaces on the interior of your car that ceramic would be able to truly bond to and last. However it will do a phenomenal job at preventing damage or fading from UV rays and I can speak from personal experience that it’ll make any interior carbon fiber bits you have in your vehicle very shiny and bold so they really stand out from the rest of the interior!


Graphene coatings are phenomenal for interior use. We just want to be sure that you buy the right graphene coating or hybrid graphene coating! If you’re wanting a graphene coating that’s safe for exterior use and the plastics and trim of your interior check out our Graphene+Ceramic Coating Spray over in our shop. It offers 6 months of protection on both your interior and exterior surfaces!


Detail Medic is a small family run manufacturer that produces small batch car care products to ensure each bottle meets the highest standards we have set for our car detailing solutions. Thank you for reading and please support our family run business.


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