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We all know how this story goes. We wash, wax and detail our car only to realize we get to do the same thing again a few weeks later. What if you knew a little secret that would cut down on the time it takes to completely detail your car? In this post we are going to cover some simply steps that will cut your detailing time in half.


Most detailers today use traditional car waxes. Car wax degrades very quickly and does not offer the protection that is provided by the latest improvements to these type paint protective products in the car care industry. As you may be aware there have been significant changes over the years to paint protectants. Traditional car wax is old news.




With technology like ceramic and graphene. Old car waxes have become obsolete. Sure, they are cheaper but less dependable, durable and do not offer the protection SI02 coatings currently do. Hence, you are having to detail your car more often and it is requiring more time to complete the job. We have an old saying around here. Do The Job Right The First Time!


So you want to find a way to keep your car looking good and with spending less time detailing it? Then we recommend using a good ceramic or graphene car wax. Now which do you use? Remember us mentioning technology is changing fast? Yes, it is changing rapidly. Ceramic is starting to become old news. Now the new kid on the block is graphene.


Graphene is 30x harder than ceramic. It bonds much better than ceramic. Both type coatings bond to your paint and just don’t apply a layer of wax over the surface. This means better protection for your cars paint job. These coatings also prevent things like dirt, grime and other contaminates from sticking to your paints surface. Thereby making it easier for you to clean and detail your car.




Another great benefit of these type of nano coatings. They are super hydrophobic and shed water much better than auto wax. When bonded to your cars painted surface. They also help prevent fine micro scratches, swirl marks and water spots. These benefits alone will help save you hours when detailing your car. Face it, we all have faced these issues with our rides and know the time and effort it takes to correct them.




Do yourself a favor. Next time you go to detail your vehicle. Consider applying a ceramic or graphene wax. You will be surprised at how much time it will save you in the future and see that it is the longest lasting car wax on the market. Just a little tip. Be sure to strip the old auto wax off your vehicle prior to applying an SI02 liquid wax.

Again thank you for reading and please do not hesitate to contact Detail Medic with any questions you may have. We are car enthusiast just like you and understand we are not your only option for car care products. However we invite you to come experience the difference when you purchase a Detail Medic product.

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