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Professional Mobile Detailing vs Detailing Your Car Yourself

Professional Mobile Detailing vs Detailing Your Car Yourself

Face it, there just does not seem like there is enough time in the day. You want your brand-new vehicle to look good, but you just can’t find the time to do it yourself. Maybe you are worried you just don’t know enough about detailing a car. Here are some facts you should be considering. They may seem a little bias, but we promise you can do the math yourself and see why you should be doing your own car detailing.


Did you know that the average professional mobile or car detailer charges on average about $80 to $150 an hour? Now I am not sure what you do for a living, but my wife is a Doctor of Pharmacy and she doesn’t get paid that much per hour and went to school for over 8 years counting her residency. Sure, the average detailer has extensive knowledge that the normal consumer does not when it comes to making that car shine and sparkle.


Auto detailing is not rocket science. In today’s age there is a Youtube video for how to do everything. Plus, here at Detail Medic we provide how to videos for every single one of our detailing products. All your typical detailer is going to do for the exterior of your auto is prep the vehicle with something like an acid-free iron remover to decontaminate the paint. Then clean the car using a nice pH neutral soap. Dry the vehicle with a plush microfiber towel. The apply either a nice car wax, ceramic or graphene coating spray as a paint sealant to make that ride shine like a new penny.


For mobile detailing that’s a $100 plus job and maybe an hours’ worth of work. By doing this work yourself. You not only would save money, but who is going to care more about the way your car looks, you or that car detailer? Just a fact, you could buy all those products from Detail Medic and not only would it cost you less than that detailing job, but you also have product left for several more details.


With these 6 products you could detail your own vehicle for at least the next 6 months to a year yourself. All you need in your detailing kit are these items.

Iron remover, this will help to decontaminate your car paint and make your painted surface smooth, plus use on your wheels to remove iron particles from the brake dust.

Next a high-quality pH neutral car soap. This will help you deep clean the vehicle without harming or degrading the coatings you may have on your auto.

Now make sure you have professional high quality microfiber car detailing towels. These car towels are more expensive but are high quality. They also prevent scratching your car paint and are perfect for applying waxes and coatings. These type towels are a must in every detailers tool kit.

We recommend using a graphene car wax. Graphene is 200x stronger than steel and provides unparalleled protect, even better than ceramic. Detail Medic’s graphene liquid wax provides 12 months of protection. Stronger and longer lasting than traditional car waxes

Another item is a ceramic or graphene coating spray. These coatings are easy to apply and take about 10 minutes to apply to your vehicle. They provide excellent hydrophobic properties and paint sealant protection. Again do the math. The average professional ceramic coating cost $1500 or more for 3 to 5 years protection. The Detail Medic coating spray cost $28 and one bottle will last you 5 to 7 coatings on your vehicle. So 2 bottles a year x 5 years totals about $300 vs $1500.

Lastly add to your auto detailing kit our Ceramic Waterless Wash. This is a 3-1 product you can use for touch ups or whole car exterior cleaning. This product cleans, coats a layer of ceramic and will shine your car like it just come from the showroom.


So lets wrap this up and do the math. Say you hire a mobile detailer over the next 6 months. That is 6x $100 for a total of $600. All the detailing products we mentioned above totals about $135 totaling once you apply our discounts for ordering multiple products. Plus, not to mention, but you also get free shipping with all orders placed with Detail Medic. The math does not lie. That’s a savings of almost $500 or $1000 per year or more.


Again thank you for reading and we hope we provided you with a little food for thought. Detail Medic is a small family run manufacturing business that enjoys providing value to our customers. Remember we are consumers as well. So we understand you have a lot of choices. Try our products, we promise you will not be disappointed. Plus if for any reason you are. We have a no questions asked money back guarantee. Please support our small family business.

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