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Should You Have Your Brand-New Car Paint Corrected?

Should You Have Your Brand-New Car Paint Corrected?

Want to ceramic coat your brand new vehicle? Well you may want to hold off because your car or truck may need some paint correction. You would think a brand-new vehicle would have flawless paint but sadly most of the time that just isn’t the case and it’ll need some minor paint correction. It likely won’t be anything major and will just require a Stage 1 paint correction but there are times where sometimes more will be needed. But why would a brand-new vehicle from factory need paint correction?


There are numerous reasons as to why. Could be from the start when the factory machines go over and paint the vehicle…no matter how minor they may be. Dealerships usually will polish a vehicle a vehicle and do some minor paint protection when these new vehicles come in but with the flux of cars that come in they may not have the time or could be rushed which won’t allow them to take the time to properly do a paint correction and that means they either miss some imperfections or potentially even create more like holograms. Holograms are essentially micro-scratches and marring cause by the rotary movement of the machine when you are using a rough or aggressive polishing compound or pad or even just simply too much force being used when polishing.


Imperfections can happen in your paint even through the delivery process. A lot of vehicle’s especially through your more mainstream companies like Ford, Chevy, Dodge, even Mercedes Benz and BMW usually have truckful’s of cars and trucks delivered at a time which are always open and leaves the vehicles to open air and elements when being delivered across the country. It can be even worse if it’s a vehicle that’s been traded from dealership to dealership or a “new” vehicle that the dealership has had for a while sitting outside and having to be detailed. Which again with the mass inventory these dealerships have the detailers either don’t have the time to give a quality detail or just do it half-assed to get on to the next car. It’s also sad to say but some of the detailers just use the cheapest detailing products and equipment they can find. It can depend on if the detailer works directly for the company or if they’re a 3rd party detailer the dealership hires who will usually be spending their own money on the products they use.


More often than not your high-end car manufacturers like Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini. Basically, your expensive and luxury car manufacturers will deliver car’s in smaller loads because there are not as many vehicles produced which allow them to be delivered in enclosed trailers and sometimes even still with the protective packaging and plastics they ship the cars from factory with, or at the very least they’ll deliver them with car covers which isn’t perfect but it’s better than nothing.


Next time you buy a new vehicle it would just be recommended that you go to or have one of your locally trusted detailers come out and take a look at your car or truck’s paint, or if you know the signs to look for yourself you can check to see if you need paint correction done. The last thing you want to do is apply a graphene car wax or have your vehicle ceramic coated and seal in all the micro-scratches and imperfections in your paint for months or even years!


Hope you gained some insight within this article. Again, than you for reading and remember Detail Medic is your one stop shop for all your car detailing needs.

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