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Don’t know how to get that glorious and deep shine? We’re here to help you get started and will give you the step by step process!


Starts with decontaminating your vehicle and ridding it of all the seen (and unseen) contaminants and grime. This includes everything from dirt, bird poop, brake dust and anything else you could think of! You need to get yourself a strong soap to help do this. Preferably something high foaming and pH neutral. We have Snow Blizzard which is both if you think it’s what you need, However it doesn’t have to be pH neutral but it’s safer to use especially in direct sunlight or heat. Depending on how filthy and contaminated your vehicle is you may need a low pH or “decontamination soap”. Presoak your vehicle with the soap/foam solution before you had wash as this will help lift up and breakdown the oils and contaminants on your car or truck’s surfaces. Rinse all of that soap and foam off and then you may need to move onto an iron remover. Iron removers once they come into contact with iron or any metal particles it will start to eat away at them and you’ll see this happening because the iron remover solution will start to turn into a purpleish color as it reacts. Hint as to why we call our iron remover “Purple Haze”


Once you’ve sprayed your entire car and wheels down with iron remover you’ll want to let it sit for a few minutes (as long as it doesn’t dry). Iron remover will just help rid your vehicle’s surface of any brake dust or iron deposits. Now that the iron remover has sat for a few minutes you’ll need to rinse your vehicle thoroughly. Iron remover is safe on vehicle but is still made up of some harsh chemicals so you don’t want any of it sitting on your paint.


Now you’re ready to move onto handwashing. Coat your vehicle with another layer of foam or get you 2 buckets, One with soapy water and one for a rinse bucket and go at it washing your vehicle from top to bottom. Rinse your vehicle and you’ll be ready to move onto the next step.


After you’ve partially decontaminated your vehicle now it’s time to get the hidden stuff you don’t see by using a clay bar or mitt. The choice is yours as we have another blog talking about what type of clay you should use and why. Spray your car or truck’s surface with a clay lubricant so you won’t damage your vehicle’s surface while claying. You’ll be surprised as to how much more grime you pull from your vehicle’s paint and clear coat.




Finally you’ve clay bared your entire vehicle. It can honestly be the longest part of this process, you’re now ready to apply a car wax or sealant. There are pro’s and con’s to whichever topical coating or wax you choose. Waxes can provide a deep gloss however they don’t last that long and are usually much harder to apply. We often prefer a sprayable coating. We have a ceramic spray coating which will provide a deep shine, hydrophobic effects and protection to your paint and takes all of 15 minutes to apply it to the entire exterior of your car or truck. If you’re wanting something with more protection and even better hydrophobic effects, you may want to give our Total Ceramic Graphene + Ceramic Coating Spray. Graphene is the new thing in the detailing world  and it provides better longevity, better protection and a better shine than just basic ceramic does.


After you’ve taken these step you’ll be left in awe of the deep and bright shine your car or truck now has! For more information of talked regarding the products and processes we have more blog posts going more into depth of each of these things exclusively!


Again, thank you for reading. Detail Medic has all your car detailing products you need to make your vehicle clean and shiny. We are a small family run car care product manufacturer. Please support our company.

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