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So, what is a ceramic coating? Ceramic coatings are a nanoscopic coating made up of a chemical/liquid polymer solution that effectively bonds to a surface and once it bonds it will protect that surface from numerous things. These things include UV rays, water spotting, acidic substances like bird poop and acid rain, extreme heat, chemical stains and many other things.


Ceramic coatings are very popular in the automotive world to protect the paint and finishes of your vehicle and in some cases are also used to protect internals components that may get hot. However there are multiple other surfaces and uses for ceramic coatings in the world besides just it’s automotive uses.


They’re also very popular among the boating community because they will protect your boat’s paint and surfaces from UV rays preventing any fading as well as preventing any salt from penetrating the pores in your boat and tarnishing the finish. For those who love to fish you can happen to get slime among many other fishy liquids in your boat and if your boat is ceramic coated it will make the post-fishing cleanup much easier.


Ceramic coatings can also be very useful for use inside your home. They can be applied to your stainless steel appliances inside your home including you’re your refrigerator, dishwasher, or microwave. If you find yourself always having to wipe down your stainless-steel appliances then it may be worth actually applying a ceramic coating to them. It’ll help protect against any fingerprints, smudges or food contents that could end up on them.


Another thing inside your home that also useful to apply a coating on is your stone countertops. (granite, quartz, etc). Ceramic coating them will help also seal the pores so no liquids seep down and stain your counters and because ceramic coatings make whatever you apply to them hydrophobic, it makes cleaning up any spills much easier. Also if you have quartz counters which can be damaged with heat you should probably considering ceramic coating them because quartz will actually get damaged if they get too hot or if you sit a hot pot or dish from the stove or microwave on them and since ceramic coatings can protect surfaces from temperatures at a minimum of up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit and some coatings even up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit!


 A major thing we definitely recommend ceramic coating in your home is your shower tiles and glass. It will help prevent water spots from forming on the tiles or glass of your shower. A lot of people don’t have water softeners which means your water is more than likely very calcium-rich and heavy calcium is your water is what often causes water spots to happen. If you’re tired of how much of a pain it can be to clean your shower tiles it may be worthwhile to apply it to them. It’ll make the cleanup much, much easier.


Last thing we’ll mention is to actually ceramic coat your windows and mirrors in your home. It’ll make cleaning both of them much easier, prevent water spotting and as for your mirrors say in your bathroom it will prevent them from steaming up during hot showers!


This is to list just some of the other more common uses for a ceramic coating but there are still many others. Really as long as whatever surface you’re wanting to ceramic coat is porous, the coating will bond and last!


Detail Medic is a small family run manufacturer that produces small batch car care products to ensure each bottle meets the highest standards we have set for our car detailing solutions. Thank you for reading and please support our family run business.

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