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We get asked this question often by consumers. Ceramic coatings have been around for ages. To be honest even though this type coating is a great way to protect your car paint and finishes. This technology is a little outdated and there are newer protectants available.


You take care of your car like it was a baby, but the outside isn't so flawless. It has scratches and swirl marks that refuse to go away even after months or years worth of effort detailing your vehicle. But despite your efforts, stains, chips and swirl marks start to show on your vehicle’s paint surface.


The minute you give it a thorough wash, dirt, grime and other contaminates start clinging to the surface of your vehicle. It’s frustrating, we know. So if you are like me and just tired of seeing your baby look like it belongs in a junkyard. Applying a ceramic coating is what you should do.


So what will a ceramic coating do for you. The ceramic coating on your car is a liquid polymer that bonds with the exterior paint and finishes of any vehicle to create an extra protective layer between your paint and oxidation, UV damage, environmental stains and other contaminates that will stick to your car’s paint and damage it.


One of the greatest features that come with a Ceramic coating is its hydrophobic properties. This means it repels water and removes any grime or dirt from your car’s surface easier than ever before!


Not only do these hydrophobic properties help while driving in rainstorms by sheeting water from your windshield, but also helps make cleaning time less laborious because contaminants are easily removable by hand instead washing away at their own accord.


Only one problem: there's no way around having to remove all those pesky tar or love bug splats on your beautiful paint jobs right? Well now they don't stand too much of a chance against these ceramic coatings since they'll be floating between the ceramic and clearcoat preventing them from sticking to your painted surface of your vehicle.


Another eye catching benefit of nano coatings. An SI02 or Ceramic Coating Spray will make your paint pop with gloss. It enhances the reflective properties of car’s clear coat and base coat, giving depth to both coloration as well an shine that can't be achieved by using car wax or any other means! Basically, that shine will make heads turn and eyes pop.


One of the final benefits of ceramic coating. By applying these type protective sealants to your car. You can help protect and add value to your vehicle. No person or dealership is going to offer you premium value for your ride if it does not look premium.


One last comment before we say thank you for reading. As mentioned, technology is changing fast in the car detailing industry. The newest and what we believe is the best coating available right now is Graphene coatings.


Graphene is 30x harder than ceramic, provides more durability and is 50x more protective than traditional car wax. Do yourself a favor and buy a graphene coating spray and see the results for yourself.


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