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What is a waterless car wash? They’re exactly as they sound. A way to wash your vehicle the use of water but how is that possible? I’ll get into that. We waste gallons of water every single time we wash our cars. Whether it’s the several gallons we put in the buckets we use or just rinsing our vehicle down with a hose or pressure washer. Even if we mean to or not it happens and even more so if our vehicles aren’t even that dirty, so why waste all the water and time when you can just use a waterless wash and be done cleaning your vehicle in 15 minutes? All the water you have to use is the water you need when you throw your microfiber towels in the washer and even then that is far less than we use while washing.


What is a waterless wash and how does it work? It’s a car detailing product that’s formulated with polymers, cleaning agent and other chemicals. Once it’s applied the special polymers encapsulate any dirt, dust or any other contaminants that’s on your vehicle’s surface, trapping them and allowing your microfiber towel to easily wipe them up. There are chemicals in the waterless wash that help lubricate the surface which minimize the risk of scratching or swirling your paint when the microfiber is dragged across it. There are then polishing components which will leave behind a shiny and glossy finish.


Is a waterless wash safe? Generally. Yes. It’s not recommended to use a waterless wash on a vehicle that’s extremely dirty or coated in mud however these types of products are produced and formulated with chemicals and compounds that are there to help lubricate the surface of your paint as you wipe away the grime. It is a judgement call on you if you think your vehicle is too dirty to use a waterless wash or not. If you have any kind of doubt or hesitation then you may just want to normally wash your vehicle. For touchup cleaning, if it’s the pollen season or say you drove through some dust then a waterless wash will work great but if it’s been a month or more since you last washed your vehicle, You may not want to use a waterless wash.


Even though a waterless car wash is formulated to lubricate the surface of your vehicle, If the dirt and grime on your car or truck’s surface is too thick and it may just get dragged along the surface of your vehicle’s paint which can cause micro-scratches. We do recommend you also have a minimum of three to five high-quality microfiber towels ready to use for your vehicle if you plan on washing the whole thing. No matter how good your waterless wash may be, if you have the wrong microfiber towels they may still cause micro-scratches or swirling…and remember to take the tags off of your microfibers because they can cause scratches as well.


If you want a quick way of washing your vehicle without water and adding a layer of protection? Look into our Ceramic Quick Detailer and Waterless Wash! It has the cleaning properties of a waterless wash with the polishing properties of a quick detailer and gives you a layer of ceramic protection to protect your vehicle’s paint from the elements!


Not sure what a quick detailer is? We have a blog talking the differences between it and a waterless wash! Detail Medic has all your car detailing solutions. Thank you for reading and please support our small family run business!

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