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Why Car Detailing Is Important To Maintain The Value Of Your Vehicle

Why Car Detailing Is Important To Maintain The Value Of Your Vehicle

Car detailing can earn you thousands of dollars more in resell value. Taking the time to detail your vehicle yourself will not only save you money, but can also provide you with a sense of pride for a job well done.

There are several reasons why car owners should have their cars detailed on a regular basis. Some of them are, of course, practical; others are more cosmetic in nature. First, if you ever decide to sell your car, a detailed and well taken care of car will sell for more money than a car that has not been detailed.


Regularly detailing your car helps to protect your car’s paint and its future value, especially if you take proper care of your car. Car detailing may not seem important but it’s vital to ensuring your car is in good shape for years to come. If you neglect to keep your vehicle clean from, dirt, salt and even bird droppings these and other environmental factors can build up over time and eventually cause damage to your paint surface and even rust out the frame of your vehicle.


So maybe you have been lazy and neglecting your ride. Don’t fret, it is never too late to correct some of the damage. Now you have two choices. You can either take the pride of detailing your car yourself or hire a professional car detailer. A typical professional detailer is going to charge $ 200 or more to get your car up to speed if the paint and finishes have been neglected. Whereas doing the job yourself. It may cost you $100 for the car care products, but those products will last you for several detailing jobs on your vehicle.


If you decide to go the route of doing the job yourself, remember this. Just like most things in life. Cheaper is not always better. When buying car soaps, car wax and even microfiber towels. Typically, cheap priced products mean lower grade ingredients are being used because it makes manufacturing less expensive. These lower quality ingredients can contain harsh cheaper chemicals that can damage your car paint or just not perform the task well in which they were designed for.


When choosing the brand to buy. Always make sure the company is the manufacturer. Believe it or not, there are several well-known brands on the market in the United States that have their products and solutions made in China and shipped to the United States for filling. This is a recipe for disaster since you never know what type of chemicals those tote shipments may contain coming from the Chinese. Manufacturers in China will always use the cheapest supplier of raw goods and they have been known to cut corners in what type of raw goods they use.


With the right car care products, you can make that car detailing job easy and simple. Auto detailing is not rocket science. It is not some hard labor-intensive job. Detailing your own car should be fun and enjoyable. Take a couple of hours over the weekend, grab you a beer, enjoy the outdoor weather and make your car shine.


Its your car and no one is going to take more pride in your vehicle than you. So get off the couch, grab the hose and bucket and put that automobile back to its original shine and glory to protect the paint, finishes and future value.


We at Detail Medic hope this information has given you a little food for thought. Whether you are considering trading in your vehicle or plan to keep it another 5 years. Detailing your car will help you maintain the value of that vehicle and even help you earn a few thousands more when it comes time to trade-in.

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