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You could always stick to just using a bucket with some soap and a mitt but there’s a reason all professional detailers use a foam cannon and there’s a reason you should too!


Washing your vehicle with a bucket filled with some soapy water and a mitt will make your vehicle cleanish…However it won’t be perfect and will take much long to do and will require much more effort. So how and why is a pressure washer and foam cannon better?


Firstly, the water pressure out of a pressure washer in itself can help remove a lot of debris and contaminants off of your vehicle’s paint and surfaces. This will just make your life easier and will require less elbow grease and reducing the amount of muscle and effort you’ll need later on.


Using a pressure washer with a foam cannon also just speeds the process up because it allows the car soap to sit and do most of the work while washing and you won’t have to scrub as hard. It’s usually recommended to coat the vehicle with a layer of foam from your foam cannon and let it sit for at least a few minutes because it will loosen up and eat away at whatever contaminants that may be on your paint which will also minimize the chance of scratching and swirling your paint. Now when you apply a layer of foam over your vehicle’s surface it will also add a form of lubrication which helps reduce any drag the microfiber mitt may have across your vehicle’s paint which also reduces the risk of swirls and scratching.


Besides just speeding up the process and reducing effort needed. A pressure washer and foam cannon, at least when combined with a high foaming and pH neutral soap will be much safer for use during a hot and bright day. The foam the cannon creates will help protect and cover your vehicle’s surface from getting too hot from the sun and will actually prevent you from getting water spots once your vehicle dries. IF the soap is pH neutral it will also be safe for use during hot days as there’s no worries of the soap getting too hot and potentially damaging or fading the paint of your vehicle.


If you’re just simply using a mitt with a bucket of soapy water on a hot day there’s a pretty good chance most of the mixture wont be mixed properly and most of the mixture will just run right of your vehicle once you go at it with a mitt. IF it’s a good quality foaming soap the soap out of your foam cannon shit cling to the surface of your vehicle a bit while it breaks down the contaminants on your paint.



Now if you’re using a ceramic or graphene car soap, even though most can be used in a bucket with a mitt. They’re more effective and efficient used with a pressure washer and foam cannon because it will allow your foam mixture to actually get in all the hard to reach nooks and crannies that you’re likely wouldn’t be able to squeeze your mitt in.


Now besides all the benefits we’ve named so far. Lowering effort, increased efficiency, does a better job at cleaning, helps protect the paint while washing and getting into hard-to-reach places. What other possible reasons would you need for using a foam cannon? Well….It’s more fun! The foam is just more fun as a whole to use and to be honest there’s something oddly satisfying when you’re seeing a thick foam come out of your cannon and coat your vehicle and it’s honestly just very relaxing!


Ditch that old fashioned bucket and get yourself a pressure washer and foam cannon and see the results for yourself! We at Detail Medic really appreciate you taking the time reading our blog post. Please don’t forget to support our small family run business for all your car detailing needs.

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