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Applying Ceramic Coating

Why Is it Important to Maintain a Ceramic Coated Car?

Some people choose to invest in a ceramic coating for its self-cleaning abilities, but keep in mind that all surfaces are never going to be completely clean - even with our Elite Pro Series Ceramic Graphene Coating Spray.

The reason why car paints that have a ceramic coating layer applied are so effective at repelling water is because they use a complex paint sealing system to create an almost airtight seal. This not only blocks UV rays, but contaminants on your vehicle's paint that can reduce some hydrophobic properties too!

The ceramic coating on your car can withstand a lot before it starts to wear down. But, if you let dirty particles like bird droppings or bug guts stick onto the surface for too long then eventually your coating will start to degrade and you will lose that silky smooth finish that helps prevent dirt and other grime from sticking to your vehicle.

To protect your car's paint job, you should use a ceramic boost spray every few months or so. A well-applied coat of SI02 spray like our Elite Pro Series Graphene Ceramic Coating Spray. This will help you maintain the integrity of your coating and will boost your vehicles paint to block out UV rays and contaminants like dirt which can make it more difficult for water to stick onto the surface coating as opposed if there were no barriers in place at all!

If you are a car enthusiast like we are. Then we know how important it is to you to keep your ride protected and shinning like a brand new penny. We take the same pride in keeping our own personal cars detailed just like you do and hand to God. We only use our car care products because they honestly are the best on the market. Happy Detailing!

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