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Iron Remover Cars

Why You Need An Iron Remover In Your Car Detailing Kit

An iron remover will make sure the surface of your paint is perfectly clean. The pores in car paints are just like those on people's skins, so anything can get stuck to them if you don't use an effective cleaner to remove the particles that are contaminating them!

Over time, the fine particles of metal like brake dust and other contaminates can imbed themselves into the pores of your car's paint and finishes. Take your hand and rub it over the hood and side panels of your car. Do you feel a rough gritty type of surface? If so my friend, you have an issue with contaminates clogging the pores of your nice paint job.

If your ride has a ceramic coating, those contaminates are degrading and damaging your coating. The amount of money you spent on that paint job or SI02 coating is way more than it cost to buy a good bottle of iron remover before either becomes damaged. Not to mention, but you can add new life to your ceramic coating by using an iron or fallout remover a couple of times per year.

As I discussed in another blog post. There are all kinds of products out there. Cheaper is not always better. In most cases cheap costing iron remover will have harsh chemicals in them that the manufacturer can produce that product for cheap, but in this case, cheap can be harmful.

Most cheap iron removers contain acid. This type of acid can and will cause damage to your car paint and finishes. Acid-free iron removers actually cost more to produce and are way better to use on most paint and wheels.

Iron Fallout Removers are a necessary evil when it comes to getting your car ready for paint correction and protection. They are a must have in your car detail kit for every serious DIY detailer out there. Don’t be that guy. Get the right tools for the job. Happy Detailing!

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