Just like you we are auto enthusiast and take great pride in our own personal vehicles. For us this has included everything from old classics to ultra-expensive supercars like Lamborghini and Ferrari. For the last 30 plus years we have personally seen and used just about every car detailing product known to man. Some good and some were just over hyped well marketed snake oil products that cost us time, money and in some cases more work to correct the damage that the product caused. These things started us down the path to opening this company.

As we see it, the primary problem in this industry is there are too many over hyped products. Everything from ceramic coatings, waxes, car soaps, scratch removers and polishing compounds. Then please don’t get us started on the professional car detailers charging hundreds and even thousands of dollars to perform a service on your vehicle that with a little elbow grease, time and less than $50 could be done by you the car owner.

Car detailing is not rocket science and every car enthusiast who takes pride in their cars appearance and protection can perform these task. For those that are unsure. We provide videos on our website, and our customer service department is just a phone call away. We have even been known to receive a customer call about a particular product and go out to the detailing bay and shoot them a short instruction video to email them.


We are a small boutique family run auto detailing manufacturing company. When we first started 4 years ago. We attended Cars & Coffee and Car Show events in the State of Florida and set up tents and demonstrations to showcase our line of detailing products. As time went on and the word spread, we began getting request from car dealerships like Lamborghini and Rolls Royce to produce bulk products for their detailing departments. Unlike the big national brand companies. We have always prided ourselves in producing small batches of our product line. This allows us to ensure that each bottle has the optimal percentage of ingredients unlike mass producing and potentially being off by 3 to 8% per bottle. Even those small percentages can effect the benefits and durability of a product.


Our company owner is old school. He tells it like it is and truly believes that you the customer is what makes and breaks this company, without you we have no business. If we tell you something, we stand behind it. We are just like the companies of old. We treat every customer just like we would our own mothers. If not, then there is hell to pay if our owner hears about it. Therefore, our guarantee to you is simple. You either love our product or we refund you. No games, no restocking fees, no harassing phone calls or emails. We just apologize and hope that you will give us another chance.

You doing business with us is not going to buy some executive a second home or his wife some fancy diamond ring. It is going to help some parents pay for little league or dance lessons for their little boy or girl. So why should we take the risk in misleading you to ultimately lose your business after one purchase.


Our Detail Medic brand is meant for those who want to get not only a great looking car, boat or motorcycle, but also want to take the pride in knowing you did that great job yourself with a little help from our premium small batch produced products. Buy with confidence knowing you will either get the results we tell you or we will refund your money. Buying from us is truly RISK FREE!