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Detail Medic Elite Pro Series Cars & Coffee Ceramic Quick Detailer Kit

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Makes a great addition to your car detailing toolbox for those fast on the run quick detailing jobs. Not only do you get our famous ceramic waterless car wash but also our ceramic coating spray. This car kit gives you two products that will clean, ceramic coat, protect and make your car shine like a diamond.


  • Ceramic Waterless Wash
  • Ceramic Coating Spray
  • Easy Coating Application


  • Quick Car Detailer
  • Cleans, Shines & Coats
  • Creates A Diamond Like Shine
  • Use On All Exterior Finishes
  • Non-Streaking
  • Spray on, Wipe Off
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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  • “Easy To Use Ceramic Spray”



Customer Reviews

Based on 94 reviews
Jack O
Great, 5 Stars!

Great quick detailer and maintenance

Shawn K
Amazing products, They work so far!

The ceramic wax is good. Have yet to see the longevity yet as I just applied it yesterday but water beads nicely off of it. I had a chance to try the waterless wash his morning after a bird crapped on my car and it worked beautifully. Sprayed on and everything wiped right off with ease

Bobby C
Great for in between washes

An amazing kit for touchup and a quick and easily obtainable shine!

Warner T
Best detailing spray’s I’ve tried

Water beads nicely after using these together and the shine is good too

Cassidy M
Smells great and easy to use

Love the smell of the waterless wash. Everything is super easy to use and does great!

Cars & Coffee Quick Detailer Kit


The Best Around

Never Attend Another Cars & Coffee Event Unprepared Again. You Know What I Am Talking About. There Is Always Some Type Of Touchup or Cleaning We All Want To Do After We Arrive To Make Sure Our Ride Stands Out. We Guarantee Your Car Will Stand Out Among The Hundreds Of Other Cars Attending The Event or Have Your Neighbors Eyeballing That Diamond Like Shine. It Also Makes A Great Tool To Have At Home In Your Detail Kit For Those Quick Detailing Jobs. Our Elite Pro Series Quick Detailer Kit Is Quick and Easy To Use. It Cleans, Shines and Ceramic Coats Your Car. Support Our Small Family Run Business Where You and the Results We Produce For You Is Our Top Priority.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is This For Car Exterior Use Only?
    Yes, our Elite Pro Series Formulas for both products are formulated for exterior car use only.
  • What Type Microfiber Towel Would You Recommend To Use With The Cars & Coffee Kit?
    We have always been very fond of plush and lint free towels. The microfiber car towels we tend to use when detailing our own vehicles are premium 800 GSM cloths that work great for our wash plus using to apply our ceramic spray coatings.
  • Can They Both Be Used On Wheels?
    Yes, the waterless car wash makes an excellent wheel cleaner and the ceramic spray will shine and protect your wheels. A couple of words of warning though. If there is a lot of brake dust you may want to quick rinse before using the waterless wash if the wheels are painted. When applying the ceramic car spray, never spray directly onto the wheel. Always apply to a microfiber cloth and apply.
  • Can The Ceramic Coating Spray Be Used On Tires?
    In a nutshell yes. If you are looking for that high gloss shine on your tires and wheels. A good ceramic coating spray can give you that just out of the showroom look. Just a word of advice though. Never spray and ceramic coating directly on to your wheels or tires. Always apply the ceramic on to a microfiber towel and the apply.
  • Do You Use The Ceramic Auto Spray Like Most Hybrid Car Wax Sprays?
    Yes, just simply spray on in 3x3 sections, wipe in, then flip your plush microfiber car towel and buff to a high gloss shine. It is quick and easy to apply. This is one of the benefits of this detailing kit. You can get it quickly and get professional detailing results.
  • Can I Buy This on Amazon?
    We have some of our car care products for sale on Amazon. However, since the pandemic Amazon has not been allowing much inventory to be sent in. So, to serve our customers in a timely manner, we don’t list many of our car detailing products on there. Second, most people shop Amazon due to their return policy and shipping time. Our return policy is better than Amazon’s and we also have free two-day or flat rate 2 day shipping options.
  • Does This Quick Detailer Car Detailing Kit Contain Microfiber Towels?
    No, but we have been known to send a few towels to our customers with their orders. Right now supply chains are tough. When we do have plenty of our plush microfiber cloths, we tend to send one or two with an order.
  • Do You Currently Ship Overseas?
    At this time, we do not ship internationally. Due to the increase in shipping cost it does not make much sense to require a customer to pay those types of shipping fees when buying our car care products. At current rates the shipping charges typically cost more than the detailing product being shipped.
  • Can You Clean The Car Interior With The Waterless Car Wash?
    No, both products in this detailing car kit are meant to be used on the car exterior only.
  • Could I Use On My Boat To Detail It?
    By all means. These products can be used to detail your car, boat, motorcycle or RV

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