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Detail Medic Elite Pro Series Ceramic Coating Spray For Cars

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A Professional Elite Pro Series ceramic car coating spray. Easy to apply, just spray on, wipe off and buff to a diamond like car shine. This car spray provides a layer of protection that is 20x harder than regular car waxes and lasts 8x longer than traditional auto wax. Can be used on cars, trucks, motorcycles and boats. Creates an SI02 hydrophobic protective bond to your paint and finishes that guards against rain, dirt, grime and other road contaminates.


  • 3 Months Paint Protection
  • Easy Coating Application


  • Ultimate Paint Sealant
  • 20x Stronger Than Car Wax
  • Creates A Diamond Like Shine
  • Protects Against Water Spots
  • Guards Against UV Damage
  • Super Hydrophobic
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee No Risk Refund Policy. If You Are Not 100% Satisfied. We Will Refund Your Purchase No Questions Asked. Buy With Confidence. There Is No Risk To You With Any Of Our Car Detailing Products You Purchase.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 97 reviews
Isiah H
Great detailer!

Always apply after I wash/dry my vehicle. It adds that extra level of shine

William R
Quality shine

Shine bright like a diamond!

Jenny H
Definitely worth the cost

Was skeptical at first but its worth every penny.

Moriah L
Long Lasting

Protection lasts for months and it was super easy to use

Cody W
Best product so far

Great shine and easy to use. Just a simple spray on and buff

Ceramic Coating Spray For Cars


The Best Around

Our Elite Pro Series Total Ceramic Spray Coating Is Engineered in Small Batches Compared to Larger Mass Production Car Detailing Product Manufacturers to Ensure Optimal Benefits and Results. This Proprietary Premium Blend of Si02 & Polymers Produce the Best Results for A Paint Protection Coating You Will Ever Use GUARANTEED Or Your Money Back! Our Ceramic Coating Spray Is 20x Harder Than Traditional Car Wax and Has More SI02 Than Your Standard Ceramic Spray Coating Being Sold on Amazon. It Creates a Diamond Like Shell That Helps Resist Scratches, Guards Against UV Damage, Road Contaminates, Water Spots, Bug Stains and Environmental Damage Caused By Rain, Snow, Wind and Sun. It Makes The Perfect Protective Paint Sealant. Support Our Small Family Run Business Where You and the Results We Produce For You Is Our Top Priority.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I Put Ceramic Coating Over Wax?
    It is not recommended Ceramic coatings be applied over car waxes. Applying a ceramic coating over a auto wax will prevent the SI02 from bonding to the paint and negatively interfere with your paint protection, durability and finish. Always try to strip any automotive waxes prior to applying a ceramic nano coating.
  • How Do You Remove Ceramic Coating?
    As a ceramic coating ages or degrades over time it becomes much easier to remove it from your car paint and finishes. One of the best ways is to use an acid free iron remover and then clay bar afterwards using a water-based clay lubricant. Never use an acid-based remover as this can cause damage to your car’s paint.
  • Can This Be Used On Tires?
    In a nutshell yes. If you are looking for that high gloss shine on your tires and wheels. A good ceramic coating spray can give you that just out of the showroom look. Just a word of advice though. Never spray and ceramic coating directly on to your wheels or tires. Always apply the ceramic on to a microfiber towel and the apply.
  • Does This SI02 Coating Repel Dust Particles?
    Yes, our 15% Si02 ceramic coating spray will help seal and create a very slick paint surface that will help repel dirt, grime and other contaminants.
  • Can I apply a Liquid Wax Over This Once It Cures?
    Yes you can, but not needed. Our Ceramic Boost offers greater protection and a better silky smooth showroom shine than traditional car waxes.
  • Can You Apply The Ceramic Car Spray Coating on Windshield?
    It is one of the best uses for these type products. Technology has come a long way. Our Elite Pro Series Ceramic Car Coating Spray makes the perfect rain repellent coating for your windshield, glass or windows. No Longer do you need to buy multiple car care products to protect or detail your ride. SI02 coatings are super hydrophobic, more versatile and much better than a standalone rain repelling spray.
  • Will This Ceramic Spray Coating For Cars Remove Water Spots?
    Our Elite Pro Series nano coating spray is not a water spot remover. However, using our product after every car wash will help prevent those water spots in the future.
  • Do You Use This Like Most Hybrid Wax Spray?
    Yes, just simply spray on, wipe in, then flip your plush microfiber car towel and buff to a high gloss shine.
  • Will This Coating Spray Harm New Vehicle Finishes Like Carbon Fiber?
    No, it won’t. Our company owner pulls his Lamborghini Aventador SVJ into our application bays and applies to his carbon fiber finishes all the time. Our company moto is not a sales pitch. We do believe, If our products are not good enough for our own exotic cars, they are not good enough for your car!
  • Can I Buy This on Amazon?
    We have some of our car care products for sale on Amazon. However, since the pandemic Amazon has not been allowing much inventory to be sent in. So, in order to serve our customers in a timely manner, we don’t list many of our detailing products on there. Second, most people shop Amazon due to their return policy and shipping time. Our return policy is actually better than Amazon’s and we also have free one- or two-day shipping options.

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