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Detail Medic Elite Pro Series Ceramic Waterless Car Wash Quick Detailer

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This Elite Pro Series Ceramic Coating Waterless Wash is super infused with SI02. This 3-1 product will not only clean but provide a layer of ceramic coating to help protect your vehicle, while also making your car shine like a new penny. It is a great addition to your detailing kit for those looking for a fast and easy quick detailer. Contains no harsh chemicals but powerful enough that it will clean even the dirtiest of cars, trucks, motorcycles, or boats.


  • Cleans, Shines, Coats
  • Non-Streaking
  • Hydrophobic


  • No Water Required
  • Infused With Ceramic
  • Helps Protect Against Water Spots
  • 1 Bottle 8-12 Car Washes
  • No Harsh Surfactants
  • Quick & Easy To Use
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Customer Reviews

Based on 84 reviews
John Elkins
It was easy to wash my car.

It did a good job. I was surprised how little solution was needed

Derrick Neville
Wonder tire

It really works, it’s a great product

Kimberly Z
Car looks amazing!

Super shiny afterwards!

Mark M
Couldn’t believe how well it worked

Cleans the paint perfectly. Car looks brand new!

Matthew J
Wonderful product, Is worth your money!

Cleans greats, Shines better and is well worth the money!

Ceramic Waterless Car Wash


The Best Around

Our Total Ceramic Elite Pro Series Waterless Car Wash Is Engineered In Small Batches Compared To Larger Mass Production Car Detailing Manufacturers To Ensure Optimal Exterior Car Cleaning Benefits. This Proprietary Premium Blend of Si02, Polymers and Cleaning Agents Creates The Best Quick Detailer For The On The Go DIY Car Detailer. It Cleans Without Scratching or Damaging Your Paints Finish. GUARANTEED Or Your Money Back! Avoid Applying In Direct Sunlight. Apply To Paint, Glass, Wheels, Chrome, Polished Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Plastic!! Our 3-1 Ceramic Waterless Wash Makes a Perfect Addition To Your Car Detailing Kit. It Works Great for Touching Up Your Vehicle Without Having To Completely Detail Your Vehicle or Can Be Used for Washing Your Whole Car. One 16oz Bottle Should Allow You 6 to 8 Exterior Car Washes Without the Use of Water. Support Our Small Family Run Business Where You and the Results We Produce For You Is Our Top Priority.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can Your Waterless Wash Be Used as a Glass Cleaner?
    Yes, you can use to clean your exterior glass and car windshield. It will also add a minor ceramic coating on to your windows to create a hydrophobic water repelling effect. Which helps tremendously as a rain repellent.
  • Is This For Car Exterior Use Only?
    Yes, our Elite Pro Series Waterless Car Wash Quick Detailer is formulated for exterior car use only. It cleans, shines and coats without the use of harsh chemicals. Most of our customers carry a bottle in their detailing car kit when they attend a Cars & Coffee event. It’s easy to use and works like magic removing dirt and grime giving your car paint that just detailed sparkle.
  • Will This Remove My Ceramic Coating?
    Not at all. Is a matter of fact it will help improve and add another SI02 layer. Our waterless auto wash contains SI02. It will help enhance the durability of your nano coating. It contains more ceramic than other similar type products being sold on Amazon in 8 oz or 16 oz bottles. All our ceramic or graphene coating products exceed industry standards for spray coatings currently on the market.
  • Will This Work On Heavy Dirt and Grime Covered Vehicles?
    Like a champ. You will be very surprised by how well this waterless car cleaner works. Check out the short video we did on a truck that had sat out under mossy oak trees for more than 3 years. After using our product, that truck looked like it had brand new paint.
  • Is It Safe On Vinyl Wraps?
    Since our waterless wash cleaner has no harsh chemicals in it, this makes it perfectly safe to use on vinyl wraps, ppf and all stages and colors of car paint.
  • What Type Microfiber Towel Would You Recommend To Use?
    We have always been very fond of plush and lint free towels. The microfiber car towels we offer are premium 800 GSM cloths that work great for our wash plus using to apply our ceramic spray coatings. They last wash after wash and produce no lint. Using cheap towels are what cause the most swirl marks and fine car scratches. You need the right tools to get the job done right the first time.
  • Does This Have UV Protection In It?
    Yes, this Elite Pro Series product contains a paint sealant protection that protects your vehicle against UV rays and sun damage.
  • Can I Buy On Amazon?
    Some of our car detailing products are sold on Amazon. Most consumers buy products from Amazon is due to their shipping times and return policies. Well, our return policies are much better and we also have free 1 and 2 day shipping options to anywhere within the continental United States.
  • Can It Be Used On Wheels?
    Yes, it makes an excellent wheel cleaner. A word of warning though. If there is a lot of brake dust you may want to quick rinse before using if the wheels are painted. Our Elite Pro Series Waterless car wash is a great item to have in your car detail kit, but it can only do so much.
  • How Many Whole Car Washes Per Bottle?
    Depending on the size of your car, truck, motorcycle, or boat and the amount of dirt and grime. Our ceramic car detailer waterless wash should provide you with 5 to 8 whole car cleaning uses. The larger the vehicle the more you will use. For frequent spot cleaning this bottle will last for several months.

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