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Detail Medic Elite Pro Series Graphene Ceramic Car Wash Soap

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Our Elite Pro Series graphene car soap provides a 6-month nano coating layer. Graphene is 50x more protective than traditional car wax and 30x harder than your average ceramic spray coating. This car shampoo is low foaming and will bond to your paint within seconds providing the ultimate paint protection and hydrophobic properties to shield and protect your vehicle from the elements.


  • 6 Months Paint Protection
  • Foam Cannon or Bucket Method
  • 2-in-1 Cleaning & Paint Sealant


  • Ultimate Paint Protection
  • 20x Stronger Than Ceramic Washes
  • Guards Against Water Spots
  • Adds An Extra Layer of Protection
  • Helps Guard Against UV Damage
  • Ultra Hydrophobic Water Beading Properties
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee No Risk Refund Policy. If You Are Not 100% Satisfied. We Will Refund Your Purchase No Questions Asked. Buy With Confidence. There Is No Risk To You With Any Of Our Car Detailing Products You Purchase.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 93 reviews
Barbara R

Sort of a fruity or bubble gum kind of scent. I love it!

John S
Very easy to wash now

Makes keeping my car clean a breeze. I wash my car once a week and after just using this once…A large majority of the debris rinse right off without any agitation

Marvin P
Looks great, Creates more depth

I’ve used this a few times now. My car is ceramic coated so it does make the cleaning a bit easier but I’m pleased with the results. Cleans well and give me an even deeper shine.

John M
Great on my Mercedes

Just bought my C43 and wanted to protect it so I figured I’d give this graphene shampoo a shot as WOW. My paint really shines now. Water also beads off very well and makes the drying process simpler

Daniel F
Love it, Smells so good

Good hydrophobic properties, Great smell!

Graphene Ceramic Car Wash Soap


The Best Around

Our Elite Pro Series Ceramic + Graphene Car Wash Is Engineered In Small Batches Compared To Larger Mass Production Car Detailing Manufacturers To Ensure Optimal Benefits. This Proprietary Premium Blend of Si02, Graphene & Cleaning Surfactants Is Low to No Foam That Creates The Best Results You Will Ever Find For A Paint Protection Car Soap. We GUARANTEE IT Or Your Money Back! Our Graphene Car Wash Provides a 30x Harder Coating Than Traditional Ceramic Car Wash Soap Being Sold on Amazon. It Creates a Water Repelling Finish That Helps Reduce Water Spots, Bug Stains, Fine Scratches and Environmental Damage Caused By Rain, Snow, Wind and Sun. It Makes a Great Ceramic Coating Maintenance Soap For Every Car Detailer Who Cares About Protecting Their Car Paint. Support Our Small Family Run Business Where You and the Results We Produce For You Is Our Top Priority.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Often Should You Wash With Ceramic Graphene Car Soap?
    Since our Elite Pro Series Graphene Car Wash provides a 6-month Graphene Ceramic Coating layer to your vehicle after washing. We know that you only need to use it once every 5 to 6 months depending on several environmental and driving factors. We also recommend complimenting that car wash coating with our Elite Pro Series Graphene + Ceramic Coating Spray for cars. This will create dual layers and add more durability and paint protection to your ride.
  • Is Your Graphene Car Shampoo High Foaming?
    Short answer is No, it is low to no foaming. The higher foaming a graphene or ceramic coating car wash. The less effective it will be at bonding to your paint and finishes. Look at it from this logical standpoint. In order to achieve high foaming, you need to add more soap and surfactants. This takes away from the amount of SI02 or graphene powder you can add to the car soap. Therefore, we know and can guarantee our Elite Pro Series formula is the best premium wash coating on the market.
  • Can You Use The Graphene Wash In A Foam Cannon?
    Absolutely. Using a Foam Cannon or Foam Gun is the recommended application method for washing your car. The 2 bucket wash method works well, but does not give you the coverage or even application we believe a foam cannon will. Foam Cannon Method. Mix 6 to 8 Ounces In Soap Cannon Bottle Using Warm Water and shake before spraying. Wash Bucket, you pour whole bottle in to 5 gallon bucket.
  • Is A Graphene Ceramic Coating Soap Safe For All Car Paint’s?
    Again, short answer is Yes. The key to using any type of nano coating soap is how you prep your vehicle paint prior to washing. Whether it is a shampoo or coating spray. Removing contaminates from your paint is key to allow the coatings to bond to your paint’s surface and provide the desired protection it is intended for.
  • Is The Graphene Coating Shampoo Meant To Be Used Every Time The Car Is Washed?
    No, it is not. However, if you ever notice your car's protection starting to decline due to a number of environmental or other reasons which can degrade the bond of the coating to your car paint. We do recommend on your next vehicle wash to reapply. Our premium car wash soap offers 6 months protection, and we firmly stand by our products with a no questions ask refund guarantee.
  • What Makes This Graphene Car Wash Soap Better?
    Not to sound like a salesman, but it is all in our premium proprietary formula. We are leaders in the SI02 car coating industry. We are one of only a few manufacturing members of the International Detailing Association and had to meet the high standards they require to become an accepted member. Plus, we are car enthusiast just like you. We have seen and purchased some of the same bright shiny objects for car detailing just like you have, only to be disappointed. We know we can not make everyone happy, but our promise is simple. You either love it and it does exactly as we promised, or we refund your money with an apology for not meeting your personal standards. Our car care products are risk free!!
  • Can You Use On Matte Car Paint?
    This works great on matte painted surfaces, plus it works great on glass helping to repel rain, cleans without streaking or marring and leaves behind a super hydrophobic water beading protection that will last for months.
  • Can I Buy On Amazon?
    Some of our car detailing products are sold on Amazon. Most consumers buy from Amazon due to their shipping times and return policies. Well our return policies are better and we also have free 1 and 2 day shipping options to anywhere within the continental United States.
  • Can I Apply The Elite Pro Series Graphene Ceramic Coating Spray After Wash?
    We strongly recommend this. Not only does it add an extra layer of SI02 paint protection but will also allow you create that showroom high gloss car shine that will surely turn heads. One suggestion we do have before applying the graphene spray. Give the shampoo at least one hour to bond to your paint surface prior to applying the spray coating and polishing your car.
  • Can This Be Used As A Ceramic Coating Maintenance If It Has Graphene In It?
    Most definitely Yes. This car wash makes a great auto detailing maintenance product to boost up your current SI02 benefits and replenish the paint sealant effects. The graphene in the product will also help make the ceramic currently on your vehicle more resistant to the environmental damages caused by rain, bugs, bird poop, sun and snow since graphene is much harder than ceramic.

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