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Detail Medic Elite Pro Series Graphene Ceramic Coating Spray For Cars

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This Elite Pro Series graphene car coating spray is a must have for any auto detailing kit. Graphene provides 50x more protection than traditional car waxes and is 30x harder than your average SI02 Car coating spray. It is simple to use, just spray on, wipe off and buff to a showroom car shine. It is guaranteed to last up to 6 months and will bond to your car paint in seconds.


  • 6 Months Paint Protection
  • Scratch Guard Technology
  • Easy Coating Application


  • Ultimate Paint Sealant
  • 50x Stronger Than Car Wax
  • Creates A Diamond Like Shine
  • Protects Against Water Spots
  • Guards Against UV Damage
  • Super Hydrophobic
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Customer Reviews

Based on 98 reviews
james ritschard
James Ritschard

Excellent product it really shines an easy to put put on

Miguel R
Much quicker wash!

Wash and detail my car regularly and after getting and applying this it has made the process much quicker and easier

Cheyenne Z
Prevents water spots!

My neighbors sprinkler system sometimes hits my car and it would annoy me with the water spots it would leave on my black paint but after washing and applying this I’ve had no issues. Love it!

Chase S
Provides a great boost for coated vehicles

Used this a maintenance/booster to my ceramic coating and it works great. Gives the car an even glossier finish

Royce Y
Quality spray

Great protection and shine, Worth the price point

Graphene Ceramic Coating Spray


The Best Around

Our Elite Pro Series Ceramic + Graphene Total Ceramic Spray Coating Is Engineered in Small Batches Compared to Larger Mass Production Car Detailing Product Manufacturers to Ensure Optimal Benefits and Results. This Proprietary Premium Blend of Si02, Graphene & Polymers Produce the Best Results for A Paint Protection Coating You Will Every Use GUARANTEED Or Your Money Back! Our Graphene Coating Spray Is 50x Harder Than Traditional Car Wax and 30x Harder Than Your Standard Ceramic Spray Coating Being Sold on Amazon. It Creates a Diamond Like Shell That Helps Resist Scratches, Guards Against UV Damage, Road Contaminates, Water Spots, Bug Stains and Environmental Damage Caused By Rain, Snow, Wind and Sun. It Makes The Perfect Protective Paint Sealant. Support Our Small Family Run Business Where You and the Results We Produce For You Is Our Top Priority.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I Put Ceramic Coating Over Wax?
    It is not recommended Ceramic coatings be applied over car waxes. Applying a ceramic coating over a auto wax will prevent the SI02 from bonding to the paint and negatively interfere with your paint protection, durability and finish. Always try to strip any automotive waxes prior to applying a graphene or ceramic nano coating.
  • How Do You Remove Ceramic Coating?
    As a ceramic coating ages or degrades over time it becomes much easier to remove it from your car paint and finishes. One of the best ways is to use an acid free iron remover and then clay bar afterwards using a water-based clay lubricant. Never use an acid-based remover as this can cause damage to your car’s paint.
  • How Long Does It Take For The Graphene Coating Spray To Cure?
    Try to allow our Elite Pro Series Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating to cure for a minimum of 6-8 hours giving it time to bond to your car paint before exposing your vehicle to rain, dust, water, or any liquid. Now we know you can not always do this or even want to wait. So with that in mind, just be prepared to reapply or do more car prep work with your next car detailing session.
  • Can I Apply Graphene Coating On Top of Ceramic Coatings?
    Yes, you can. Here are the hard facts. Our Elite Pro Series Ceramic Graphene Coating Spray is just a ceramic spray with graphene powder added to the solution during manufacturing to create a harder more durable paint protection sealant. By adding graphene, it makes the spray 40x stronger than regular car wax and 20x stronger than the average ceramic car coating spray. Graphene should become your new best friend when you think of auto detailing products.
  • How Do I Prepare My Car for Graphene Spray Coating?
    We are a little bias, but here is our process. First rinse car, Next apply an Iron Remover to decontaminate your car paint, agitate iron remover with wash mitt over panels, then rinse. Next step we clay bar the vehicle. Then we use our high foaming car shampoo soap and give the vehicle a good cleaning. Afterwards we then wash our car with our Elite Pro Series Graphene Ceramic Car Soap to add an extra layer of protection and hydrophobic properties and then allow it to sit for a few minutes, then rinse. Next, we dry the vehicle and then apply the graphene coating spray. This process allows the ceramic and graphene to bond to the paint better since we removed all contaminates from the paints finish and creates a longer lasting and more durable coating.
  • Can You Spray Graphene Ceramic Coating on Windshield?
    It is one of the best uses for these type products. Technology has come a long way. Our Elite Pro Series Graphene Car Coating Spray makes the perfect rain repellent coating for your windshield, glass or windows. No Longer do you need to buy multiple car care products to protect or detail your ride. Graphene coatings are super hydrophobic, more versatile and much better than a stand alone rain repelling spray.
  • Do Graphene Sprays Make A Great Ceramic Wheel Coating?
    Did John Wayne ride a horse lol. They make excellent wheel coating sprays. There is a trick to applying to your car wheels. First always decontaminate your rims and apply the graphene spray directly to a plush microfiber towel and then apply to the wheel. Never spray on graphene coating directly to your car rims as excess mist could hit and bond to your rotors or brake pads.
  • Is a Graphene Coating Different Than a Ceramic Paint Sealant?
    A standard paint sealant contains polymer-based organic and inorganic ingredients. Ceramic coatings offer a little better durability, but ceramic infused with graphene create a bond that seals your car paint with a 20x greater hardness compared to a traditional SI02 paint or car wax sealant.
  • How Many Coats of Graphene Ceramic Coating Spray Can You Apply?
    With our Elite Pro Series graphene coating products one layer will last up to 6 months or more. It’s an easy spray on, wipe off and buff in solution. We have found though using our Graphene Car Shampoo and the Graphene Ceramic Coating Spray together will provide you with 2 layers of paint protection that promotes a greater level of durability, UV protection, high gloss shine and water beading properties unmatched by any car detailing product on the market for the price guaranteed!
  • Does The Graphene Ceramic Car Coating Spray Add Gloss?
    Just like a high gloss car polish, a premium car ceramic coating also will add high gloss and depth into your auto paint. Our Graphene Auto Coating Spray goes on silky smooth, provides depth and a high gloss showroom shine. It will give your car a glossy look, that will turn heads and bring the best out of the original paint job.

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