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Detail Medic Elite Pro Series High Foaming Car Wash Soap

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The Elite Pro Series pH neutral high foaming car wash gets the job done right the first time. It is very concentrated so a little goes a long way. Can be used in either a foam cannon or 2 bucket wash method. Super high foaming and pH neutral so it won’t strip coatings and waxes or harm your car wrap or single stage and clearcoat car paint. This is the only car shampoo you will need in your car detailing kit.


  • Highly Concentrated
  • Premium Cleaning Agents
  • Super Foamy


  • Bucket or Foam Cannon Use
  • pH Neutral
  • Foam Enhancers
  • No Waxes
  • Safe For All Paints
  • Perfect Wash for Weekly Maintenance
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee No Risk Refund Policy. If You Are Not 100% Satisfied. We Will Refund Your Purchase No Questions Asked. Buy With Confidence. There Is No Risk To You With Any Of Our Car Detailing Products You Purchase.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 95 reviews
Ryan M
Makes offroading cleanup east

Constantly taking my XJ out in the mud and it always cleans up nicely when using this. Highly recommend

Roberto B
Makes my car shine!

Always hit my car with this before a weekend of car shows and drives around town. The shine is unreal!

Zack G
Thick and great smelling foam

Mixed about 3-4oz in 22oz of distilled water in my foam cannon and gave it a little mix and I got a shaving cream like foam. Outstanding!!

John P
No product has ever made my car shine like this!

Car shines better then it ever has. Love it

Glen B
Nice and thick foam!

Foams up good. The suds sit on the paint and last a long time

High Foaming Car Wash Soap


The Best Around

Our Snow Blizzard Super High Foaming Car Soap Is Engineered In Small Batches Compared To Larger Mass Production Car Detailing Manufacturers To Ensure Optimal Foam and Cleaning Benefits. This Proprietary Premium Blend of Cleaning Agents and Foam Enhancers Creates The Best Super Foaming Car Soap On The Market You Will Ever Use GUARANTEED Or Your Money Back! Can Use Foam Cannon or Two Bucket Method. Our High Foaming Car Shampoo Makes The Perfect Car Wash For Those Who Take Detailing Their Cars Weekly Serious. It Contains No Auto Wax, Is pH Neutral, So it Won’t Harm Your Ceramic Coating, It’s Highly Concentrated and Has Foam Enhancers To Ensure You Get a Thick Foam Complete Coverage of Your Vehicle. Support Our Small Family Run Business Where You and the Results We Produce For You Is Our Top Priority.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is This Safe For Ceramic Coated Vehicle?
    Yes, it is PH neutral and will not harm or strip your ceramic coating and is safe for all car paint and finishes. If you have an SI02 coating please be sure to check out our ceramic spray to use as a maintenance product for your coated car, truck, motorcycle or boat.
  • In Foam Cannon Do You Need To Dilute?
    Just add 4 ounces of soap to warm water in the cannon bottle and shake. This is just a little trick of the trade and it will help create a higher foaming spray.
  • Does This Leave Any Water Spots?
    As long as you dry your vehicle immediately after washing, our Elite Pro Series High Foaming Car Shampoo will not leave water spots. If you do not dry right after you wash your car and you have a lot of minerals in your water, then yes, you may have an issue with water spots.
  • Is This Soap Free of Waxes and Polishes?
    Yes, we do not add fillers to this premium car soap. Since we specialize in the ceramic coating industry. All our products are formulated and manufactured to benefit the SI02 vehicle market.
  • Is Snow Blizzard Hydrophobic?
    No, most car cleaning products that are hydrophobic contain some type of wax. Ours does not contain any waxes or polish.
  • Is It Safe For RVs and Boats?
    Yes, it is perfectly safe to use on cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs and boats. We are currently though working on a boat cleaner that will specifically meet the needs of the marine detailing industry.
  • Does This Strip Wax?
    No, our formula is a pH neutral soap that will not strip waxes, glazes or paint sealants.
  • Is This a Wash and Wax Soap?
    No, we do not add any wax or car polish fillers to our premium high foaming car wash. To be honest those type washes are not really good for your paint and finishes.
  • Do You Sell This Product on Amazon?
    We have some of our car care products for sale on Amazon. However, since the pandemic Amazon has not been allowing much inventory to be sent in. So, in order to serve our customers in a timely manner, we don’t list many of our detailing products on there. Second, most people shop Amazon due to their return policy and shipping time. Our return policy is actually better than Amazon’s and we also have free one- or two-day shipping options.
  • Will It Clean Heavily Soiled Vehicles?
    We use very expensive and powerful cleaning agents when manufacturing this product, so yes it will. This product was actually developed for the exotic car market and the paint and finishes used on those type autos. So, it had to be formulated to meet the high standards for use on vehicles like Lamborghini, Ferrari and Rolls Royce, but have the cleaning power to remove stubborn, dirt and grime without damaging the paint.

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