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Detail Medic Elite Pro Series Iron Remover & Fallout Spray

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Purple Haze is a great product for removing iron and decontaminating your car paint. Features a purple indicator dye that shows it is working hard removing iron fallout particles. Iron Fallout Remover also makes a great tool to have in your detailing kit for helping to revitalize any ceramic coatings you may have applied to your vehicle. Simply spray your wheels or auto paint and watch the magic happen.


  • Acid-Free
  • pH Balanced
  • Spray & Rinse


  • Makes Decontamination Easy
  • Purple Indicator Dye
  • Won’t Damage Ceramic Coatings
  • Safe On All Painted Surfaces
  • Activates Quickly
  • No Diluting Required
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Customer Reviews

Based on 82 reviews
Hayden O
Best iron remover!

Best iron remover I’ve used!

Richard R
Perfect as awheel cleaner!

Use it as my wheel cleaner. Depending on how bad they are I’ll either just spray this on and let it sit for a few mins before I power wash it off or I’ll spray on and get a bucket with a little bit of my car shampoo in it and just agitate the surface and everything comes right off and my wheels look shiny and brand new again!

Shawn M

Saw it start working almost immediately!

Michael D
Everything breaks down and settles at the bottom!

See all the brake dust settle at the bottom of my wheels. Rinse everything off and it looks brand new

John M
No more iron deposits

Highly recommend it before you clay bar!

Iron Remover & Fallout Spray


The Best Around

Our Elite Pro Series Purple Haze Total Decon Iron Remover Is Engineered In Small Batches Compared To Larger Mass Production Car Detailing Manufacturers To Ensure Optimal Decontamination and Paint & Wheel Particle Removal Benefits. This Premium Formula Is a Safe Alternative To Corrosive Acid Washes that Can Be Harmful To Both Your Health and Your Vehicles Finishes. We GUARANTEE The Results or Your Money Back!! Detail Medic Iron Remover is the perfect product to have in your car detailing kit when you want an easy way of getting rid of stubborn iron particles from your vehicle's paintwork or wheels without having to work too much. When the Elite Pro Series Iron Remover hits these pesky brake dust particles or other contaminates on your vehicle, it loosens them up so that you can easily rinse off. Support Our Small Family Run Business Where You and the Results We Produce For You Is Our Top Priority.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will An Iron Remover Damage My Ceramic Coating?
    Just the opposite, it will actually help replenish some of the hydrophobic effects and restore some of the paint protection benefits of your nano SI02 coating. We even recommend those who have a ceramic coating use an iron remover to decontaminate their vehicles at least twice a year.
  • How Do I know When I need To Use An Iron Fallout Remover?
    Other than seeing the brake dust buildup on your wheels. One of the best ways to see if you need to decontaminate your car paint is by running your hand across the paintwork. If you feel a rough gritty finish, it is time to use a remover. Every car detailer should carry this in their detailing kit.
  • Is This Product Safe on Paint Protection Film?
    Yes, since our formula is acid-free and pH balanced, it is safe to use on PPF or clear bras. Never use a acid based iron remover on any type of wrapped vehicle.
  • Is It Safe on Matte Paint?
    Yes, it dries clear and will not add gloss to a matte paint car finish.
  • Does The Product Remove Car Wax?
    Wax removal will likely occur during the process. Plus, if you notice iron contamination that is under a layer of wax this formula can get rid it for good! When removing paint contamination it is always a good idea to remove old waxes so the iron remover can attack other particles in the pores of your paint.
  • Is It Safe For Vinyl Stripes?
    You should not use this product on your vinyl stripes. If you do, make sure to wipe or rinse it off immediately and thank us later!
  • Will This Affect Metallic Paint?
    Iron fallout remover is great for removing any leftover dirt or contaminants that might be on top of your clearcoat. This will prevent damage to the surface, but it won't affect what's underneath ie: metallic
  • Will It Remove Ceramic Coating?
    Yes and No. If your coating is older and has degraded some over time, then yes it will. However if your SI02 coating is newer than no it will not remove it.
  • The Color of the Liquid Inside the Iron Remover Bottle Has Changed Why?
    Iron remover is unstable to UV exposure which will cause it to either bleach or lose its color. However, this does not affect the efficacy of the formula and there are no impacts on performance.
  • Can I Buy This on Amazon?
    We have some of our car care products for sale on Amazon. However, since the pandemic Amazon has not been allowing much inventory to be sent in. So, in order to serve our customers in a timely manner, we don’t list many of our car detailing products on their platform. Second, most people shop Amazon due to their return policy and shipping time. Our return policy is actually better than Amazon’s and we also have free one- or two-day shipping options.

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